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        What are Zoner Photo Studio X subscriptions?

        Instead of expensive licenses for individual versions (which age over time), you regularly pay a small amount each year. You always own up-to-date software and get a heap of new features and improvements for ZPS X several times a year, with no waiting.


        But subscriptions have many more advantages,
        see for yourself:

        The First Month
        Is Free

        Before acquiring a subscription, you can download ZPS X and use it 30 days for free. During that period, we’ll help you to discover – and master! – the program.


        Aren’t Obligations

        You have complete control over your subscription. Want to renew? It’s just a few clicks. Want to renew effortlessly? Set up automatic renewal, leave worries about your subscription behind, and focus on your photos.


        Isn’t the End

        If you decide not to renew a subscription, or to delay renewal, it’s no problem. You’ll still be able to view and export your photos and create photo products.


        20 GB on Zoner
        Photo Cloud for free

        Zoner Photo Cloud is your own personal online storage for photos and other files. You can access the photos stored there directly from inside of ZPS X. And as a bonus with your subscription, you'll receive your first 20 GB on this storage service for free.


        Enjoy Your ZPS X
        On All Your PCs

        Thanks to your Zoner Account, you can work on an unlimited number of computers. You don’t have to pay for a separate license for each one. And for a small extra fee, the other members of your household can also use ZPS X.


        Develop Photos
        For Free in ZPS

        You probably already know that you can order photo prints in ZPS X. But what you may not know is that we give you 15 for free with your subscription! You just click up as many 10×15 cm photos as you want, and we then subtract your discount on the order form. And when you renew a year from now, we’ll increase your number of free unused photos back to 15.

        Subscribe to ZPS X

        As a subscriber, you’ll receive
        deluxe care from us:


        Customer Support

        Subscribers are first in line for our customer care.
        Write us or call us; our specialists are here for you.


        And what are photographers saying about ZPS X?

        „I find it has everything I need and more for my workflow/editing.“
        Gary J. Toth
        „An excellent all-around editor that is perfectly positioned to take on both Lightroom and Photoshop.“
        Thomas Boldt
        „ZPS X offers a wide selection of editing tools that should suit novices as well as expert photo editors.“

        How ZPS X subscriptions work and what their rules are:

        • Duration: Your subscription lasts for one year, and begins running when your order is paid.
        • Renewals: For worry-free use of your ZPS X, we recommend setting up automatic subscription renewal (available for card and PayPal payments). Otherwise, you will need to manually pay the annual fee every year. Then just renew during the month before expiration—subscription years always begin with the expiration of the previous year, so you won’t miss a single day, and you can be sure that your software will always be fully functional.
        • Expiration: After your subscription expires, we offer you a one-month protection period, during which you can extend your program license with no interruption to its full functionality. Renewing your license during the protection period ties it into the previously running period and retains any discount rights that you may have.
          Example: You purchase ZPS X on October 20th, 2016, and then you wait a bit to renew—you do it on October 30th, 2017. Your next subscription year ends on October 20th, 2018.